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      Intelligent Spin

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      Intelligent Spinning


      Huaxing intelligent spinning, is the implementation of the transformation and upgrading of Huaxing Group, two business strategic projects, a total investment of 1 billion yuan, the overall planning of 200 thousand spindles. A period of 300 million yuan investment, the scale is the size of the ingot, in 2014 to start construction in 2015, the national day of the trial operation in March, the official launch of the intelligent system in the year of 2016, on the line in 50 thousand, in December.


      Huaxing Intelligent Spinning has five characteristics: firstly, the raw materials used in the production of independent research and development of the core material - Heismore; secondly, high-end products, not only used in textiles and clothing, but also a large number of applications in aerospace, military, medical and health fields; thirdly, with the cooperation of central enterprises, China Ship leasing investment 240 million yuan, for project construction. Fourthly, with the support of the government, the county and county governments listed the intelligent spinning project as a key project and gave full support; fifthly, they took the lead in the implementation of intelligent spinning, which was appraised by the industry as the current Huaxing intelligent spinning project with better integration of international and domestic equipment and higher level of intelligence in China and even in the world. Eyes. The project has passed the expert group appraisal of the China Textile Industry Federation: "The technology has reached a higher level in the industry, and it is suggested to speed up the popularization and application." Won the first prize of "textile light" technology progress in 2016.




      Intelligent lead, lean support, is the core of Huaxing smart spinning project. Huaxing Construction Project is intelligent spinning, the existing textile automation and modern Internet, networking and other integration, the people, machines, materials, technology, environment and product elements through digitalization and intelligentization into the organic unity of the system. With the completion of the project, the Huaxing Group achieved a new leap forward from the traditional textile enterprises to the world advanced level. The project not only focus on product differentiation, but also for the first time with the development of enterprise characteristics of intelligent systems and intelligent plant construction, for the transformation and upgrading of the industry, improve the core competitiveness of the textile industry to find a way out and direction!




      Founded in 1987, Huaxing Group now has two major sectors, textile basic industry and strategic emerging industry. In the strategic emerging industry sector, it has constructed Heismore's eco-business circle of full value chain from raw material extraction, fiber spinning, application development to user experience, creating a new superiority of leading technology and world-first equipment. Shi, a leader in the field of new biological materials, has won the first prize in China's Textile Science and technology twice, laying a solid foundation for enterprises to become bigger and stronger; in the modern textile industry, a new model of centralized spinning intelligent chemical plant has been constructed, becoming the world's first intelligent ring spinning production line, is the global centralized spinning production Production base, once again won the first prize in the national textile industry scientific and technological progress, was unanimously recognized by the Academician Group of Experts that the technology to achieve international leadership, can be popularized and applied throughout the country, for enterprise integration of resources, to provide a strong guarantee for strengthening and expanding.




      The company is the national textile and garment 500 strong enterprises, national high-tech enterprises, is China space industry partners, domestic suppliers and minority products manufacturing enterprises, Shandong province have academician workstation, post doctoral workstations, provincial enterprise technology center, the provincial engineering research center; reporting all over 120 patents have been authorized by the national invention patent 7, the international 5 invention patents, utility model patents more than 70; the drafting of the "medical chitosan short fiber", etc. more than ten national or industry standards; the company has won the "national textile industry advanced collective labor model", the national textile during 12th Five-Year ten enterprises, "national creditable enterprise" China chemical fiber "11th Five-Year" first AAA faith demonstration enterprise "and" National Youth Civilization "" integration of the two shows Fan enterprise "patent star enterprise" and many other honorary titles.

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