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      Intelligent Spin

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      Intelligent Chemical Plant

      The drawing process

      Using SB-D22 and Rieter RSB-D45c drawingframe international advanced. The main motor drive, the machine speed up to 1100m/min on the display panel, easy to modify the speed of four on the three draft system unique, to ensure excellent yarn quality. High efficiency drafting system with lifting and cleaning sheet, so that the level of yarn yarn grade is very small. Self cleaning ring CLEANcoil ensures that the sliver ring is neat and reduces the amount of cleaning. The large diameter of 1000mm can greatly reduce the number of joints and reduce the abnormal quality. Excellent precision and dynamic self leveling brings excellent sliver evenness. The unique sliver sensor ensures the accuracy of the lap from the start of the first meter cotton sliver, which ensures that the tube is completely emptied after the process. ECOrized suction system can save energy by 15%.




      Thickness system

      Conveyor system with conveyor track intelligent yarn library, intelligence, can achieve full yarn from roving spinning, spinning to ATC from roving to automation and intelligent transportation, realize the transmission and control of logistics and information flow between roving and spinning, ensure the system adapt to varieties of thickness joint production requirements.

      The system consists of: connected by 13 automatic doffing roving machine and 30 sets of 1680 spinning machine long car, complete with roving ATC automatic conveying. Equipped with six tail yarn cleaning machine and two sets of yarn selection system in the whole system.

      System functions: automatic doffing roving machine as the center or the starting point, to achieve the automatic spinning, air filled pipe automatic online exchange, storage, roving yarn spinning, roving to intelligent transportation spinning tail yarn cleaning, ATC automation configuration, yarn tail yarn roving Varieties Screening, identification and other functions, and ultimately roving spinning and conveying automatic, continuous, digital control, to meet the demand of the variety of the production automation.

      Through the technology of Internet of things, the automatic connection of logistics and information flow between roving and spinning process is realized. It is very convenient to use and maintain.



      Blowing carding process

      The advanced German Tyts Le blowing carding system is selected.

      System Function: Compact Cleaning Line consists of four parts: loosening, mixing, cleaning and carding. The stripes produced are neat, uniform and of excellent quality. It is controlled by computer and connected with the central controller, and the whole process is monitored. Continuous feeding control ensures uniform. The TC5-1 carding machine increases the volume of the integrated cotton box by 80%, so that the unevenness index of the sliver is better. This machine has the characteristics of high carding capacity, wide application of modular technology, high on-line detection ability and strong negative pressure dust absorption ability, and has the characteristics of high output and high quality. With T-Con carding machine gauge optimization setting tools to ensure the accuracy and safety of the process, reducing yarn defects by 15%. Advanced autolevelling, excellent testing accuracy and dynamic autolevelling are used to ensure excellent sliver quality and improve sliver quality.



      Intelligent packaging logistics system

      The technology of on-line imitation of manual automatic package making of plastics woven fabrics has realized unmanned automatic package, improved production quality and efficiency, reduced production cost of spinning enterprises, and solved the problems of automatic yarn dropping, variety identification, conveying, stacking, stacking, on-line inspection, weighing and sorting, weight distribution, film sleeving, package making and quality. Testing, labeling, packaging, stacking, warehousing process unmanned, intelligent, high-quality production of the world's problems, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. The system consists of automatic conveying system, automatic stacking system, machine vision inspection system, automatic packaging system for bobbin yarn knitting bag, automatic shrinkage film packaging system, automatic winding system for bobbin yarn stacking, automatic stacking system for bobbin yarn and logistics system for bobbin yarn. Functions of the system: the whole process of automatic yarn pick-up, stacking, natural moisture regain, stacking, weighing and sorting of single yarn, packing, labeling, stacking and warehousing is unmanned and intelligent. It realizes the intelligent conveying of different kinds of silk yarn, on-line machine vision inspection, automatic stacking and other intelligent warehousing schemes.

      The system consists of: automatic conveying system and yarn yarn automatic stacking system, machine vision inspection system and yarn woven bag automatic packaging system, automatic packaging system for heat shrinkable film yarn and yarn and yarn winding automatic stacking system of automatic palletizing system and yarn logistics system.

      The function of the system: the whole process of unmanned yarn and intelligent production of the yarn from the network from the yarn, the yarn stack, natural moisture, yarn yarn stack, single yarn weighing sorting, woven bag into a package, packaging, labeling, palletizing, warehousing, the whole process of unmanned. The realization of a variety of intelligent transportation of cylinder yarn varieties, online machine vision inspection, automatic stacking and other intelligent storage of a variety of programs throughout the process of unmanned production.



      On line detecting system for spinning single spindle

      Equipped with a sensor in each spindle, real-time monitoring of each spindle operation and production efficiency data, and through network technology and timely feedback to the company management center and workshop cloud layers of computer video, can take timely measures to eliminate the abnormal spindle and the defective parts, the normal operation of production.

      The system consists of: monitoring device can realize single spindle monitoring, drafting monitoring, power monitoring and doffing monitoring. Executive agencies: can be divided into single spindle instructions, single instructions, a single indicator, the front display, the end of the roving stop feeding device functions. Data analysis: data collection, from the massive data, according to the need to generate a variety of graphic statements, to help managers and technical analysis, management and decision-making.

      The function of the system is to monitor the quality of the yarn in real time, to make up for the one sidedness of the traditional off-line detection, so that all the yarns can be detected and monitored. The efficiency of the equipment, the efficiency of equipment management and the statistical efficiency of the spinning data are improved.


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