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      Two oriented strategy Adhere to the "innovation, development, consolidate and improve" approach, leading to "intelligent lean support" the total starting point for the work, in order to improve the quality and efficiency of development as the center, in order to increase the variety, quality, brand of "three" strategic focus...

      In 2017, according to the law of our textile industry development, combined with their own situation to determine the overall requirements of Huaxing, Huaxing work this year is "one center, two strategies, three project", referred to as 123, in particular:

      Adhere to the "innovation, development, consolidate and improve" approach, leading to "intelligent lean support" the total starting point for the work, in order to improve the quality and efficiency of development as the center, in order to increase the variety, quality, brand "products" strategy as the focus, enhance innovation capability, optimize breed structure, extension the industrial chain, promoting the intelligent manufacturing and lean management, the formation and development of new energy and create new competitive advantages, to create two business transformation and upgrading, development of a new situation.

      The next 3-5 years, Huaxing Group around 123 of the overall strategic positioning, positioning is in the spinning field to become fully intelligent system solutions provider and service provider. Focus on intelligent monitoring and diagnosis, life cycle equipment dynamic management and service support, the whole process of intelligent product development, sales and service.


      (一)Overall development of intelligent spinning three step roadmap.

      Huaxing intelligent manufacturing in accordance with the standards of intelligence, divided into 1 start, the strengthening of the 2, the completion of the three phase of the 3, plans to complete in three years.

      The first stage of the 1 level, the overall system on-line. By the end of 2016 to complete the overall line of intelligent spinning system, part of the realization of intelligent, in 2017 to achieve out of production.

      The second stage of the 2 level, built Intelligent Company. In 1 on the basis of constantly enrich and improve, realize the intelligent chemical plant, upgrading the intelligence on the company's original 2 factory, and networking of manpower, financial and marketing branch and all business units, and realized the connection between transverse and longitudinal, transverse and longitudinal end and the end of the establishment of information. The system of strategic operation system, complete the construction of Intelligent Company.

      The third stage of the 3 level, the model copy output. On the basis of 2 vertical and horizontal industrial chain of interoperability, sharing and win-win, establish the initiative, strategic intelligent operating system, mode replication and output.


      (二)Highlight the core status of intelligent lead.

      The core of intelligent lead, is mainly reflected by the modern communication and information technology, network technology, industry technology, intelligent control technology. As for the intelligent production and management of the collection, is the concept of intelligent penetration into all aspects of production and operation.

      1、To promote the transformation of Huaxing Group from manufacturing to service manufacturing enterprises, to achieve a leap in quality and quantity - to optimize the allocation of production factors, driven by the new changes in the traditional mode of production, improve the efficiency of space.

      Accelerate the innovation of production process, and seek a new mode of management and service, to promote the new changes in the traditional mode of production. To explore value-added service links and opportunities for traditional industry chain, widely used in product design, technology, manufacturing, marketing and other aspects, the relevant standard operation, accurate and automatic, the mode of thinking and mode of operation of the self transformation.

      2、From internal collaboration to the whole industry chain collaboration, cross-border integration with various fields - open up the industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises to expand cross-border integration of new blue ocean, the birth of new growth points.

      Starting from the integration of industrial chain resources, sales, procurement, pricing, settlement, financing and other aspects of the supply chain from the line to move on the line to the industry chain to provide one-stop supply chain services. Reshaping the enterprise and even the industry circulation system, to create a new trade from the origin to the end of the dealer's new ecosystem, or through strategic alliances, cross industry alliances to achieve the synergy of the whole industry chain. Huaxing intelligent spinning mode, through system innovation, technology innovation, product innovation, service innovation, model innovation, create new ecological development, market demand will create the future is huge and has a certain degree of persistence.

      3、To promote the transformation of enterprises from production to manufacturing.

      Intelligent spinning is the transformation and upgrading of Huaxing, enhance the competitiveness of a model, change the original management model and management thinking, so that people, equipment, software systems integration, interoperability. Product quality is stable, good consistency, improve production efficiency, reduce consumption, increase efficiency.


      (三)Strengthening the central role of lean support.

      Intelligent lead is thinking, technology, and lean support is the means to achieve, the way, and the core issue is still a management problem. Intelligent guidance, lean support is a complex system engineering, can bring about changes in all aspects of the enterprise, including corporate culture, corporate strategy, business processes, customer relationships, etc.

      1、Intelligent lead, focusing on improving the business of digital and data acquisition and utilization of the two capabilities, the ability to obtain data access is the embodiment of the degree of intelligent manufacturing.

      Driven by the data, through the information system to support the end of the enterprise value chain to optimize the business process, so that the data flow in the correct flow and interactive use. It plays a key role in the delivery cycle, quality and cost of the order.

      2、Lean support, around the core of the value of the flow of lean, standardized, leveling, continuous improvement of these four aspects.

      In the strategic development of intelligent, digital data acquisition to achieve business ability and lead the ability to use the strategy, through the lean value stream, standardization, equalization, continuous improvement of four weapons, around the market needs of customers, to establish order as the core, data driven business process, through the hardware and software information system is the data integration, become a real driving power source Huaxing sustainable development. Three technology, seven management, twelve data, in the era of the Internet industry, landing "intelligent guidance, lean support strategy, achieve high flexibility, high efficiency, low cost, short delivery, high-quality core competitive advantage, become the digital smart factory world spinning industry worthy of the name benchmark, copy the standard output Huaxing intelligent manufacturing, intelligent building Huaxing Group the whole industry chain manufacturing business ecosystem.


      (四)Build two industrial ecosystem

      1、The textile industry ecosystem based on intelligent guidance and lean support;

      2、The new cotton industry ecosystem through research and development to the whole process of breeding harvesting and processing;


      (五)The implementation of three engineering

      Vigorously implement to increase variety, quality, provided a brand for the content of the "three" strategy, the formation of a high degree of market acceptance, good reputation Huaxing famous brand. Control the total quantity, improve the quality, and promote the growth mode of Huaxing Group to the quality and efficiency.

      1、Specific content. The main contents of "increasing variety" include: improving the level of design, increasing the supply of high-end products, developing the intelligent health consumer goods, developing the national characteristics of consumer goods, etc.. "Quality" of the main contents include: to carry out benchmarking management, strengthen the quality of precision management, and promote the quality of testing and certification, and ensure the supply of quality products, etc.. The main contents of "creating brand" include: improving brand competitiveness, cultivating famous brand, perfecting brand service system, etc.

      2、Strengthen the construction of company standard system. Play the standard of product quality control based on the role of support. Vigorously promote and cultivate the spirit of excellence craftsman, establish the quality of the first business philosophy. Strengthen the quality control of the whole process from raw material procurement to production and sales, and promote the quality traceability system and measurement management system. According to the product positioning, determine the product quality objectives (including quantitative and qualitative index), the formulation and implementation of standards, good raw cotton and cotton blending process management standard, operation standard, equipment management standard, temperature and humidity management standards, quality inspection and quality control standards, grasp the details of management, along with the line ring product formation control the quality of process, Cengcengbaguan, make the production process in a controlled state.

      3、Vigorously promote brand building. Clear brand positioning, to promote the creation of smart textile brand, BJ40 brand yarn, improve brand value and cost of products, driven by Huaxing Group's overall product brand influence.




      Huaxing Group                                              Intelligent spinning



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