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      contact us To realize the transition from pure cotton spinning enterprises to new materials in the field of strategic emerging industries, and to achieve industrialization; to upgrade from traditional labor-intensive textile enterprises to intelligent spinning level with the characteristics of the Internet era, and achieve beyond the bend. ..
      Shandong Huaxing Textile Group Co., Ltd.

      Integrated management department:0538-5621557

      Marketing department: 0538-5621558

      Ma Xingeng 13305383648 Zhu Kai 15069887228

      Xue Chuanhu 13305385486 Chen ZongJun 13853831207

      Du Hong 13563820779 Jia Meng 13562878345

      Zhang Huating 18953880333

      Marketing two: 0538-5621558

      Shen Wenbo 13345282659

      Mining and supply department: 0538-5624576 0538-5630192

      Human Resources Department: 0538-5630193

      Technical department: 0538-5620557

      Intelligent spinning: 0538-5658139

      Fax: 0538-5635532

      E-mail: tahxfz@163.com

      Address: No. 122, Xiguan Road, Ningyang County, Shandong, Tai'an, China

      Zip code: 271400

      Service call: 0538-5621557

      Company website: www.questlagunaphuket.com or www.sdhxgroup.cn

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      Huaxing Group                                    Intelligent spinning



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