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      About Us

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      Corporate Culture

      Oath of entry

      I swear:

      Loyal to the enterprise, honesty, do action "executor".

      To the overall situation, ningxinjuli, do a "coordinator".

      Led the team, conscientiously perform their duties, do with the times, the manager".

      Adhere to the belief, the courage to play, do innovation and development practitioners".

      I want to keep in mind the purpose of Huaxing, carry forward the spirit of Huaxing, and strive for the construction of a hundred years huaxing!


      Huaxing strategy

      Huaxing vision

      Is committed to becoming the industry's leading textile technology.


      Carry forward the spirit of innovation, the courage to break through, and constantly promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, to build the core competitiveness;

      Takes the scientific management system as the foundation of sustainable development, the internal driving force and vitality for the healthy development of team cohesion and centripetal force;

      Innovative business model, reshape the enterprise value chain, so that the traditional industries and emerging industries mutual support for the healthy development of symbiotic win-win situation, truly out of a textile industry, the blue road".


      Huaxing mission

      Global quality cotton, yarn suppliers and smart spinning model service providers.


      Strategic target

      Intelligent guide, lean support, integration of the textile industry chain, to create a textile industry ecosystem.


      Development strategy

      General guiding ideology: "Out of textile textile, rely on innovation and transformation, in order to improve the quality and efficiency of development as the center, leading to the" intelligent lean support "for the work of the general starting point, with excellent quality, variety, brand" products "project as the key point, break the production factors and resources and environmental constraints, the implementation of innovation driven strategy, extend the industrial chain, optimize production and management process, to build large data operation platform, to promote the transition from manufacturing to service Huaxing manufacturing, enhance the independent innovation capability and comprehensive competitiveness.

      Horizontal integration strategy:Lead to "intelligent, lean support" as a guide, reform, optimize and upgrade the existing spinning production mode of Huaxing, copy the standard output Huaxing intelligent manufacturing, become the total solution of the intelligent system suppliers and service providers in the field of spinning. Huaxing building big data operation platform, the focus is on providing intelligent monitoring and diagnosis, the whole life cycle of equipment dynamic management and service support for the industry development, the whole process of intelligent product sales and service, to build smart Huaxing Group the whole industry chain manufacturing business ecosystem.

      The backward integration strategy: to extend the industrial chain, integration of resources, promoting the development of agriculture industrialization thinking, the cultivation of industrial clusters "1 + N" mode, form the competition ability of the modern new high-end cotton industry base.

      Internationalization strategy:"The Belt and Road" strategy as an opportunity to promote the global industrial layout. Strengthen the cooperation with the International Cooperation Committee on production capacity, build a modern cotton base in Kazakhstan; adopt the mode of project operation, build a modern textile industrial park in Pakistan.


      Huaxing idea

      Enterprise idea

      Honesty, innovation and development, prosperity and harmony, weaving the future.


      To the integrity of the business as a fundamental to science and technology as the guide to innovation as the driving force to achieve customer satisfaction, the benefit of shareholders, employees, enterprise development.


      Core idea

      Creating wealth for customers, creating opportunities for employees, creating value for society.


      Development idea

      Technology, innovation, brand.


      Always adhere to the technology and brand as the core point of the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, innovation and development, continue to enhance the brand value, the level of science and technology, the use of modern marketing and means of capital operation, business model innovation, coordinated development, the traditional textile industry into modern industry.


      Management philosophy

      Pragmatic, the courage to play, innovation driven, high efficiency.


      Management idea

      Market orientation, customer first, honesty and win-win.


      Quality concept

      A ray of light, the international leader; single-minded, customer satisfaction.


      Safety concept

      Safety lies in the management, management lies in the responsibility, the responsibility lies in the implementation.


      Talent concept

      People oriented, the development of people-oriented.


      Adhere to the people-oriented concept, focus on management, technology, skills, three team building, build a stage, everyone can become a platform for development.


      Learning concept

      Huaxing building learning, build the learning team, to become a learning person.


      Vigorously promote continuous learning, full study, team learning and lifelong learning business philosophy, continuous learning, continuous improvement.


      Organization idea

      Building three first-class mechanism.

      First class team: management team, technical team, technical team;

      First class level: the level of management, the level of innovation, the level of thinking, the level of understanding, the level of operation;

      First class performance: high efficiency, good effect, great benefit.


      Value idea

      Thinking to create value, innovation achievements in the future.


      Philosophy of life

      Happy work, healthy life, simple life.

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