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      PRODUCT CENTER The products are divided into fiber and terminal products, three major classes of eight series of hundreds of varieties, including 7s-120s, various kinds of cotton blended yarn products; industrial grade, food grade and medical grade pure chitosan fiber series products.

      Classification:National Products


      Features:Breathable, soft, acid and alkali resistant.

      Application field: Its products are divided into three major categories: fiber, product, terminal and so on. There are hundreds of varieties of eight series, mainly including 7s-120s series of cotton and blended yarn products;.

      Customer service hotline:


      The company is the national textile and garment 500 strong enterprises, national high-tech enterprises, cooperation is Chinese aerospace business partners, has Shandong Province, academician workstation, post doctoral workstations, provincial enterprise technology center, the provincial engineering research center; chitosan fiber and industrialization project was awarded the first prize for "light of textile science and technology progress," "11th Five-Year" chemical fiber technology breakthrough Award; declaration of all kinds of more than 120 patents have been authorized by the international 7 national invention patents, 5 invention patents, utility model patents more than 70; the drafting of the "medical chitosan short fiber", "chitosan blended knitted fabric", "chitosan fiber and cotton blended yarn, chitosan fiber and" "some other fibers of the mixture" "the degree of deacetylation of chitosan fiber test method" and other national or industry standards more than ten; the company has won the" The national textile industry advanced collective labor model "and" national creditable enterprise "" China chemical fiber "11th Five-Year" first AAA faith demonstration enterprise "and" National Youth Civilization "" integration of the two demonstration enterprise "and" patent star enterprise "and other honorary titles.



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